Monday, September 2, 2013

Coffee pot curve

 In and throughout the town and cities of our country, there are several little pieces of history, buried in obscurity and given to forgotten time. Every once in a great while a piece of that history will resurface like something from an archaeological dig. When this happens  most people are intrigued by the novelty of the thing but it quickly resurfaces and once again reburies itself in the comfortable depths of time. There is nothing wrong with this,  it is how history is actually knitted, in the behind the scenes. There are hundreds of little obscure facts that one does not need to take into account. The fact of the matter is great things happen in little places.
   For instance a while back there was a road by the name of Coffee pot, on the road is a curve called Coffee pot curve. Standing at the curve used to be a restaurant shaped like, well.....

This place is gone now. Although the road still has the name. Most people will take a glance at these photos and think it is an interesting detail. All the better, we have had out look at a piece of history now.  It affected those who built it effected those who enjoyed and for a time it was a landmark. 
So enjoy.

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Mike said...

When you win the lottery (as no doubt you will some day, right?), you're going to build a house just like that, aren't you? :-)