Saturday, August 10, 2019

DNA Disappointment

From my understanding DNA is big money, and everyone wants a piece. Just watch a few commercials and you'll see what I mean. 
My interest in Genealogical study and family history predates the DNA boom. Ages ago *wink I got my DNA tested. 
At that time here is how my family stories broke down. My mom's family was from Appalachia. Probably Irish and Welsh, as well as some Native American. The native American was named America and I had details about her history
My dad was Irish/German. He also had Native American roots Blackfoot and Cherokee
It was this Native American heritage that drove me to get a DNA test. Native American's being harder to trace the family histories of making me turn to technology
Well here is how my actual genes break down. You are Celtic.
It turned out all my Native American history is bunk. I knew it was a small amount, but it didn't occur to me that it was nil. My DNA at the time came back as Celtic. The whole Irish/German/Welsh thing made sense.
Fast Forward to last year with advertising blowing up, telling me not only can I define where my genes come from but also where (location wise) my family might have been from. 
So, I took the plunge again. I sent my DNA to and waited eagerly to see my results
A few weeks later I got the email and access to Ancestry's DNA database. 
The results puzzled me.  I was again basically Celtic. The most surprising thing was to find myself English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh and a tiny bit of German
English was the only real surprise because I knew of no English ancestors.
Fast Forward a few weeks and suddenly my DNA has somehow changed to be English primarily some combination of Scottish/Irish/Welsh and a tiny bit Swedish. 
Now if English threw me, Swedish was even more out of my family history. 
I wouldn't call my results disappointing. Assuming my DNA doesn't shift again, I am embracing the idea of being a mix of some pretty awesome people, but my problem with all this wasn't the surprises about DNA it was the lack of actual use of the DNA. My goal being to expand my knowledge of where I'm from and the map provided just has a bulls eye over large swaths of land. No details about my specific DNA and where I might be from not even with the largest of my genetic makeup (England). 
The charts of immigration are not detailed to provide any but vague ideas about why people were migrating at a given time not that I expected more. Just when ancestors migrated I did expect a list of where they might of been coming from. The DNA maps provide no such details. 
So I have been disappointed in the service and a little more than irritated that you can't see any records on Ancestry without buying something else. 

On the plus side, I do now have some English ancestors to hunt down. 

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